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spotify podcast covers
#cover design

Task For Spotify, listening is everything. And that includes podcasts. Lately they've been creating some original content partnering with communicators and content creators. And for that, they needed a cover. The following selection is a compilation of some of the covers I've illustrated and design for them.

Agency MediaMonks

Millennial teens' rooms are known for being a big memory box where everything is everywhere: books, movies, games, posters... more is more when it comes to representing your personality in a space.


For this reason, for the video wall we are going to recreate a room that is as realistic as possible, full of small details and posters that we can change program by program depending on the guests and the theme they will talk about.


In ‘Dentrísimo’, Manuel Burque’s mind acts acts as a container that collects the obsessions of his guests in the shape of a cup of coffee.  We are using illustration to portray this, because our obsessions, just like coffee, keep us awake and help us go through our lives.


¡Te lo juro!'s proposal is inspired by the casino and the "gambling" universe. In it, we can see the hosts as King and Queen of Spades (in Spanish "picas", when you believe something that is a lie, "has picado"), in the position of swearing with their hands. The presenters' names appear on casino chips, as they are the ones who are gambling on winning or losing. In addition, we present the proposal in two color palettes, one more related to the poker game universe and the other closer to the proposal for the podcast.

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